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Publications aimed at general public

(based on my film, interviews, presentations or articles)

Barck J., Gurova O. (2023) How can a small slow fashion brand communicate sustainability clearly and effectively and avoid greenwashing? Laurea Journal,

Manakina A. (2021) Культурная аппроприация. Как избежать скандала, вдохновляясь чужой культурой (Translation of the title: Cultural appropriation. How to avoid a scandal when getting inspired by another culture?)

Fedorov A. (2021) Beneath the spy costumes, Black Widow tries to nail post-soviet style, GQ,

Gurova O. (2020) В мире растет значимость эко-повестки. Российская индустрия с опозданием, но начинает опозновать важность sustainability (Translation of the title: The significance of sustainability grows in the world. Russian fashion industry has started to recognize it after delay),

Faaborg C. (2019) From Russia with love, Elle Denmark,

Gurova O. (2017) Как государство поддерживает модную индустрию в Финляндии (Translation of the title: How the state supports fashion industry in Finland),

Simm F. (2017) Dressed to kill …the environment, TheProspektMagazine,

Gurova O., Morozova D. (2016) Interview with Hanna Riiheläinen, co-founder of R/H, (Translated from English into Russian)

Gurova O., Morozova D. (2016) Interview with Julia Männistö, founder and designer of, (Translated from English into Russian).

Gurova O. (2016) В чем особенность патриотического феномена в моде? (Translation of the title: What does patriotism in fashion mean?), 

Gurova O., Morozova D. (2016) Interview with Samu-Jussi Koski, founder and creative director of Samuji, (Translated from English into Russian).

Gurova O. (2016) Как развивается устойчивая мода в скандинавских странах? (Translation of the title: How sustainable fashion evolves in Scandinavia), 24.06.2016, 

Heikkinen J. (2015) Kallio houkuttelee luovia yrittäjiä, Tieteestä & taiteesta, November 10 2015, (in Finnish).

Neyaskin G. (2013) “Когда я надеваю шубу, все знают, что я – русская” (Translation of the title: “When I wear a fur coat, everyone knows I’m Russian”), ru, April 2 2013, (in Russian)

Abrahams M. (2006) Red stars and brasThe Guardian, Tuesday, February 21 2006,

Audiovisual materials

Artistic film “A Clothing Odyssey 2020” This is our short aspirational video is about a future of clothing and wearable technology. This artistic video was made together with visual artist Alisa Javits and PhD candidate Дарья Морозова. Unlike our previous video “Take it slow!”, which was done as a staged and scripted research-based film, this video is created as an arts-based research video, a quickly growing methodological genre that “adapts the tenets of the creative arts in social research in order to make that research publicly accessible, evocative, and engaged” (Chilton & Leavy 2014). We (Daria and me) have given to Alisa our articles, written for the project on wearable technology and sustainability, and references to prototypes of wearables developed by designers who engaged with us for this project in one or another way. We asked Alisa to use these materials for inspiration for the video. In the video you see the aspirational images created by Alisa and the real prototypes; they develop a narrative of a future of multifunctional clothing merged with technology, known as wearables.

Research-based film “Take It Slow! Sustainable Fashion for Local Community in Kallio, Helsinkitrailer  Public screenings: Arkadia International Book store, Kallio library (Helsinki, Finland, 5.02 and 22.03.2016); Cleaning day program (Kyoto, Japan, 28.05.2016).

Public lectures

Мода для страны (Translation of the title: Fashion for a nation). Lecture at the New Holland creative space. St. Petersburg. May 2018 (in Russian).



A talk about sustainable fashion with Olga Gurova for ‘Fashion victims’ podcast of the Fashion Theory journal

Researcher’s website as a “business card”: Podcast with Olga Gurova

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